Hi, my name is Serge Lachapelle and I am a gear head…

This web site is an outlet for my passion of cars and motorcycles. Actually, I pretty much love everything mechanical. I can fix anything. I guess I owe this to my father whom I watched working around the house and also countless other men who have had the patience to endure the questions I had for them as a boy while I watched them work. This love for working with my hands, I owe it to the men who preceded me… I sometimes wonder if we are doing enough these days, to get the kids interested in this kind of work. I see so many young dudes that can’t fix their own cars… they literally don’t know what a screwdriver is… what a waste.

This web site is my contribution to the global knowledge. If it can help someone with a specific task, that’s great… if it can inspire a guy to try it for the first time even better… and hey, girls too can be inspired by fixing stuff… its fun and most of all, very rewarding when you actually done it yourself…

I hope you enjoy this site…

About Us

I run a small garage in Napierville, Quebec. We do mostly interesting things, old cars and motorcycles. This site is where I share videos of what we do hoping that it will help some one in their own car endeavors. We are currently expanding our operations to include parts and accessories... stay tuned.


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