Mustang rear end

We do mostly restomods…

We love creative cars. There is nothing more satisfying than creating a one of for our customer. We don’t only do mustangs but we have a special love affaire with them. They are like putty in our hands….

Our services include:

  • Restorations
  • Body and paint
  • Engine building and detailing
  • Custom interiors
  • Classic collision repair
  • Graphics and estethics

We are an injection specialist. We can convert your classic to modern injection. We can also fit a modern engine into a vintage body for the ultimate in drivability.

Don’t have a core? We will find one for you, in fact we might have one in stock ready to start…. Give us a call.


About Us

I run a small garage in Napierville, Quebec. We do mostly interesting things, old cars and motorcycles. This site is where I share videos of what we do hoping that it will help some one in their own car endeavors. We are currently expanding our operations to include parts and accessories... stay tuned.


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